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About Us

A Relationship You’ll Value
We’re Always Here For You

Hiring a firm to manage your money is unlike almost any other purchase you make. If you buy the wrong car or get a bad meal at a restaurant, you don’t really have that much at risk. At Bleeck Financial, we understand the sensitive nature of the service we provide you.

  • Honesty and integrity are ingrained in our culture.
  • Our staff is trained to provide prompt, courteous responses.
  • Accuracy is demanded and our advice is always thoughtful and double-checked.
  • When you need us, we will be there for you.


Independence Matters
We Work For You

You need an advisor you can trust. Bleeck Financial Management, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight a Registered Investment Adviser. We choose to practice as an RIA because we want to provide you investment advice as a fiduciary, which by law requires us to always put your best interests first when advising you on investments. Not all advisors are RIAs, but we have taken this step so that you can rest assured that our advice is objective and based exclusively on your personal goals. There are no hidden fees, and your fees are our only source of income. Thus, our singular motivation is your success.


From Accumulation To Distribution
Cracking Open Your Nest Egg

Everything changes the day you retire. That’s when you have to turn your savings into a sustainable retirement income stream. The best time to start that process is before you need the money because how and where you save will have a direct impact on how you tap into those assets when you need them.

  • We’ll help you prioritize your savings among taxable and tax-deferred options.
  • We’ll help you decide when and if to roll your 401(k) into an IRA.
  • We’ll design a plan for cracking open your nest egg based on your current and future needs.

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